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Our team at Infinity Wellness offers a rehabilitative approach to chiropractic, whole body cryotherapy, medical massage therapy, SportStretch therapy, personal training, and nutritional guidance and counseling.

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At a young age I had dreamt of a wellness facility that focused on the individual, their specific needs, and the ability to create an environment where they felt centered upon.  I devoted my life to understanding my role as a Doctor of Chiropractic and my role in a world of “Team Patient.”  I took my expertise and expanded upon the world of rehabilitation with the addition of highly skilled massage therapists who trained in advanced levels of massage therapy that were unlike their colleagues.  I also researched modern, evidence-based equipment to give opportunity for all individuals to succeed in their wellness journey in ways that I could not alone provide.  After years of dreaming, years of planning, and years of selecting the coolest, nerdiest, quirkiest, most selfless, patient-centered staff, you have my word as the owner of Infinity Wellness that you will never walk in to our facility without our best foot forward at helping you achieve your wellness goals.  At Infinity you have a team of providers on your side who promise to listen, explain, educate, and help guide you in every step.
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